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Back to 中文学校 & 한글학교!

February 27, 2022 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 4 Episode 10
bamboo & glass
Back to 中文学校 & 한글학교!
Show Notes

We're going back to school, but not just any school - Chinese/Korean school! We have had the pleasure of learning from each other's lived experiences, but we don't always get to talk about tangible skills that we'd like to teach one another. So  we decided to teach each other our mother tongues, for the laughs, epiphanies, and joy of being a student again.

You can  look forward to phrases commonly used in K-dramas, Mandarin slang, even animal sounds (?!), and a bonus challenge at the end ;) So get your student cap back on to learn alongside us!

How did  we do in learning new phrases? What else should we teach each other? Let us know by DMing us on Instagram @bambooandglass!

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