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Defining Our Job Requirements ft. Milyza Flores

July 02, 2022 bamboo & glass Season 4 Episode 28
bamboo & glass
Defining Our Job Requirements ft. Milyza Flores
Show Notes

Employers have job requirements - do you have requirements for your (next) job? Halfway through Milyza's sabbatical, she received an unexpected invitation to interview for a new job. She shares how she figured out what she wants out of her new job, and how she communicated those asks throughout the job search process (which can feel daunting...was she asking for too much?)

She also shares how she separates perspective shifts that are compromises versus genuine revisions of what she wants, and how to convince yourself that you are worthy of the empowering work environment that you want.

About Milyza:
Milyza is an infinitely joyful being from Queens, NY. She has been full-time traveling for the past year and now freelances as a Fractional Chief of Staff for mission-driven companies. She’s passionate about bringing consciousness and intentionality to life and work, and through this, seeks to live her best life every day.

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