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110. Redefining Self Worth Through Serendipitous Digital Connections ft. Serena Kim

January 24, 2021 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 3 Episode 3
bamboo & glass
110. Redefining Self Worth Through Serendipitous Digital Connections ft. Serena Kim
Show Notes

Let me ask you: do you feel worthy? Do you feel that you have value just by being, or do you feel that you only have value by doing? These are questions that Serena found herself asking as she entered her quarter life crisis (trust us, we get it - at the time of recording, Da Eun is 25 and Sophia is turning 25 next month, eek!).

When going through this sort of reevaluation of "what in the world am I doing?" the digital space can be a place of inspiration and comfort. In this episode, Serena shares how she began to question whether seminary was for her, and the decision to depart from this path really pushed her to confront her self-worth as she meandered through finding her purpose. She then decided to realize her dream of starting a YouTube channel... but knew no one around her doing what she hoped to do.

Her endeavors with content creation led her to create serendipitous relationships online which opened her to possibilities of how community can be built digitally -  something that really drew her to ministry initially. Through widening her horizon of possibilities of how she can live beyond this quarter life crisis and humanizing the digital connections she encountered, she imparts one of the most poignant lessons we've heard on bamboo & glass: through her search for purpose, she realized how - by simply existing - she is already worthy and amazing as she is.

Want to spend some time with the hosts reflecting on our journey with self-worth and the meaningful digital relationships that opened our eyes to new possibilities?  Join us on Tuesday, January 26th at 8:30pm PST  - we'll go live @bambooandglass to share our reflections on this episode and answer your questions! Follow us @bambooandglass to be notified.

More about Serena:
Serena Kim is a content creator and deep listener who is passionate about fostering meaningful relationships with people and holding safe space for people to feel fully seen and supported.
⟡ instagram: @imserenakim
⟡ youtube: SerenaKim

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