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Happy Cleaners: Surviving Crisis and Heartaches as a Family ft. Julian Kim & Peter S. Lee

February 10, 2021 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 3 Episode 6
bamboo & glass
Happy Cleaners: Surviving Crisis and Heartaches as a Family ft. Julian Kim & Peter S. Lee
Show Notes

We got to feel like VIPs this episode!! Today, we’re talking about Happy Cleaners, a story about the Choi Family living and surviving in Flushing, Queens. We got to sit down with Julian and Peter, the co-directors, to chat about our reflections of the film as well as the behind the scenes of their creative process. Join us in:
⟡ laughing about the ways our parents like to sorta kinda apologize and show affection
⟡ reminiscing on the experience of growing up in Flushing and what representation we got to see
⟡ opening up about our family dynamics
⟡ celebrating the addition of this authentic Korean American film to the tapestry of Asian American media

Be sure to check out Happy Cleaners, which is coming out to video on demand on Friday, February 12th! Follow @happycleanersfilm for updates.

Got a chance to watch the film but have more to share? Want to spend some time with the hosts reflecting on our journey with sharing stories and connecting with our listener community?  Join us on Thursday, February 18th, at 5:00pm PST  - we'll go live @bambooandglass to share our reflections on this episode and answer your questions! 🔔Follow us @bambooandglass to be notified.

More about Julian:
JULIAN KIM (Co-Director & Writer), born and bred in New York, pursued a career in the arts at an early age despite the Korean-American norm. An animator-to-be turned filmmaker, Julian always felt passionate about telling moving and creative stories. He works at ABC News Digital as an Editor and Producer and 'Happy Cleaners' will be his feature film directorial debut. His quirky compartmentalizing work ethic comes as no surprise to his colleagues as he enjoys long walks inside the Container Store, Muji's packaging aisle, and building his Legos in a very linear manner.
⟡ instagram: @julian_pg

More about Peter:
PETER S. LEE, (Co-Director & Writer) grew up in a blue-collar, immigrant family in Flushing, New York. The films that Peter creates are born from a singular desire to tell authentic stories of the invisible and the marginalized, using his own experiences, upbringing, and observations as a guide.
⟡ instagram: @petesreel

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