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Our Inner Child Guiding Us ft. Tiffany Trieu

March 28, 2021 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 3 Episode 12
bamboo & glass
Our Inner Child Guiding Us ft. Tiffany Trieu
Show Notes

One of our favorite themes is unlearning definitions of success that others have placed on us, and learning how folks from different backgrounds are redefining what a "life well lived" can look like. Tiffany, an inner child advocate and guide, shares how her inner child has guided her to be more patient and compassionate, and to make decisions she feels fully aligned with.  

We chat about how to access/visualize your inner child, discovering what reassurance you can provide for your inner child, moments that validated the importance of self-trust and play, and gifts/insights we may be overlooking until we get to know our inner child better.

Tiffany also shares moving stories about gently reparenting her parents, and guiding them to realize that in difficult situations, they often have more agency than they realize. She also shares how she is bringing play to her loved ones and to YOU!, through her community, Our Village (

More about Tiffany:
Tiffany Trieu is an inner child guide and self-trust coach for children of Diaspora, with a soft spot for her own inner child. Her practice has grown from her own personal journey, being a child of immigrants and a queer person, she has always been curious to ask "How can I be my full self in this world? Despite what has been taught and shown to me?" Through connecting with our inner child, we get to begin exploring how it feels to fully accept ourselves and what it truly means to create Home - a place that exists within us and around us.
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