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Expectations of a Lifelong Caregiver ft. Rachel Cao

May 16, 2021 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 3 Episode 19
bamboo & glass
Expectations of a Lifelong Caregiver ft. Rachel Cao
Show Notes

On this podcast, we've chatted a lot about the intersectional expectations that can be placed on us as Asian American women. In this episode, our guest shares the expectations that have also been placed on her due to her family composition. Rachel's older brother came down with a 108 degree fever right before he turned 2, and her family's life changed overnight due to this event. As the younger sister, Rachel has been an observer of her parents' labor of love for their disabled son as well as the various comments different communities would give to her family. She shares with us the experience of growing up with the expectation that she will partake in being a caregiver as she grows older, how it's impacted career, romantic relationships, and even the seemingly innocuous conversations where folks are curious to learn more about her family.

Thank you so much Rachel for opening your heart and sharing your lived experience with us!

More about Rachel
Rachel is a second generation Vietnamese American that grew up in Long Beach, CA. After moving to the Bay Area for college, she stayed up there to learn, grow, and better herself independently. While she started off her career in technical support, she is currently a self-taught software engineer and a proud dog pawrent of @cloud.the.eskie

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