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Deepening Friendships as a Creator

October 10, 2021 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 3 Episode 42
bamboo & glass
Deepening Friendships as a Creator
Show Notes

How do you decide which aspects of your life you share with which friends? In this catch-up episode, we chat about how our expectations about friends have evolved during the pandemic: 

  • How have our needs shifted, how did we realize they shifted, and which needs do we actively communicate?
  • How do our friends approach hangouts with us differently, now that we've been sharing updates about lives publicly via our podcast?
  • Why has Sophia paused using her finsta? 
  • How do we draw the line between what we share publicly vs what we only share with close friends?
  • How might friendships and our attachment to productivity shift if we take small breaks from social media? 

Mentioned in this episode:

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