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10 Ways to Influence Without Authority

November 07, 2021 Da Eun Kim & Sophia Sun Season 3 Episode 46
bamboo & glass
10 Ways to Influence Without Authority
Show Notes

Frustrated by unempathetic, forceful leadership around you? Looking for techniques to lead in a way that feels aligned with your values? Tune into 10 challenges Sophia has faced as a product manager, and techniques that have worked for her. Challenges include:

3. You need a teammate's input on an idea, but their input constantly shifts. You're running out of time to make a decision. How do you uncover their true motivations, and predict what input they're going to land on?

4. You’ve gathered all the inputs, and you’ve made a decision, but the approver disagrees. How do you drill down to diagnose the fundamental disconnect and get alignment there?

6. Let’s say you need the support of many partner teams. How do you rally others to evangelize your idea for you?

7. You're working in an environment where many ideas are floating around,  direction seems to shift all the time, and decision making criteria are unclear. People hesitate to completely commit to your idea, because they’re afraid other ideas are suddenly gonna become more urgent and important. How can you rally people behind your idea?
10. How can you start genuinely investing in relationships NOW, so that people are more likely to support you in the future?

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